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In the northern industrial zone of Huaqiao, in 2018, a smart wear R & D company focusing on R & D and protecting the safety of the elderly was registered and established-Suzhou Belting Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. The company's general manager, Song Longhai, is also the general manager of Kunshan Zhengong Mould Co., Ltd. ZhengGong Mould was settled in Huaqiao in 2006. It is a professional manufacturer of automobile safety parts such as steering wheel airbags. Both companies are related to the development and production of airbags. The difference is that one is for cars and the other is for human wear.

With the adjustment of China's industrial structure,

Manufacturing companies are facing the challenge of transformation and upgrading.

Kunshan Zhengong Mould Co., Ltd. is the same.

Song Longhai said that the development of wearable airbags for humans was triggered by the accidental fall of two elderly people around him. "At the time, I thought that if the old man had the same safety protection as the airbag of a car, he could avoid or reduce the injuries caused by the fall." Later, Song Longhai met the Kunshan Industrial Technology Research Institute. Zhang Defeng, director of the Institute of Technology, was very interested in this idea and was willing to provide technical support. He also invited experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences to participate in the formation of a technical team of more than 30 people. The research and development of the smart care belt started.

There are two core links in the development of intelligent care belts.

One is to sense the posture of a person, and the other is the pop-up of an airbag.

Technicians need to collect tens of thousands of times of data information and conduct big data analysis to accurately distinguish ordinary sports postures from wrestling postures, carry out research and development of core algorithms, and design wrestling models to ensure that the product can accurately predict when the elderly fall. In the research and development of airbags, we have carried out research and design on the details of the material of the airbag, the air source of the airbag, and the ejection time to ensure that the response of the protective airbag is accurate and fast and truly protects the elderly. As an innovative and adept entrepreneur, Song Longhai persists in this. Thanks to the joint efforts of such a dedicated research team, after more than two years of research and thousands of trials and tests, in July 2018, the first intelligent care belt was born and officially entered the actual measurement phase.

This technology fills a technological gap in the field of active protection in China.

The smart care belt looks like a thicker version of the belt, weighing about 1 kg, and is comfortable to wear according to ergonomic design. It usually takes 0.3 seconds to 0.6 seconds for the human body to fall to the ground. The intelligent care belt takes 0.18 seconds from receiving the command to opening the airbag. The opened airbag has a three-dimensional ring shape and consists of 8 air columns, which can reduce the impact force by 90%. , Effectively protect the elderly on both sides of the hip joints, buttocks, coccyx and sacrum and other vulnerable parts.

The smart care belt is also user-friendly with the APP function. Through the APP, the elderly can check their health status, product battery status, etc. In the function menu bar, there are also rich function modules such as contacts, search for friends, one-click navigation, and reading the news of the elderly. It is worth mentioning that the belt also developed a mobile phone APP function for children. Children can remotely check the health status of the elderly, GPS positioning, time of the elderly wearing equipment, exercise time, etc. If the elderly accidentally falls, they will receive an alarm message as soon as possible.

The intelligent care belt currently has more than 10 invention patents, and the technology is the first in China. The related research and development technology has been supported by the social development project of Kunshan City, and is actively applying for provincial social development projects,The product is expected to be available around June this year.

Under the call of Kunshan to build a national first-class industrial science and technology innovation center,

Numerous Huaqiao companies like the lace insurance company

Are advancing in the field of technological innovation,

It provides a steady stream of power for industrial transformation and upgrading.

Suzhou Yidaibao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2018, Suzhou Yidaibao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a smart wear R & D company focusing on R & D and protecting the safety of the elderly. The company's professional and technical personnel have more than 10 years of research and development and production experience in automotive airbag related industries, as well as leading materials and structural technologies, which can ensure product reliability and stability. The new product that has been developed at present-the belt protection intelligent care belt is a wearable product focusing on the intelligent protection of the elderly. Combining the product with the mobile Internet to realize the true Internet of Things and intelligence, to realize multi-dimensional care for the elderly, not only put a protective cover on the elderly's fall, but also bring more health services to the elderly.


 Kunshan Zhengong Mould Co., Ltd.


Kunshan Zhengong Mould Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. It is a diversified company that integrates communication equipment, automotive parts, precision mold design and production. In 2007, it passed the ISO9001 and TS16949 system certifications. The company adopts advanced management concepts and uses a visual ERP management system to cover order management, project management, procurement management, technical management, warehouse management, and personnel management, achieving a modern enterprise. Information management. The company has rich experience in designing and manufacturing communications equipment, automotive parts, precision molds, and inspection fixtures, and has been recognized by many internationally renowned companies. The company has successively won "Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise", "Enterprise Technology Center Certified by Suzhou Municipal People's Government", "Suzhou Band Stop Filter Engineering Technology Research Center", "Kunshan Science and Technology R & D Center" and "Kunshan Enterprise Technology Center" It became a member of the "China Electric Vehicle Charging Technology and Industry Alliance" in 1999, and has dozens of independent innovation patents, which have been recognized by all sectors of society.





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