Invited to participate in the 2019 National Double Innovation Week Entrepreneurship Summit Forum

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Determine the measures to lead the mass entrepreneurial innovation to the in-depth according to the requirements of the innovation-driven development strategy

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 5th. Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council hosted an executive meeting of the State Council on June 5th, and decided to follow the requirements of the innovation-driven development strategy to lead the mass entrepreneurship and innovation to in-depth measures.

As the host city of the National Innovation Week in 2019, Hangzhou has prepared a wealth of event content for guests from home and abroad, including theme displays, dream building service stations, small town living rooms, "new species" every day, features Small town experience line and so on.

   More than 170 innovation and entrepreneurship projects across the country showcased the latest achievements of "double innovation" Thematic exhibitions are divided into: "Continuous optimization of the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, vigorous development of market players, significant improvement in scientific and technological innovation capabilities, obvious employment effects driven by entrepreneurship, accelerated growth of new kinetic energy, and "Qianjiang Chao" 6 exhibition areas, more than 170 booths. Among them, the "Qianjiang Chao" exhibition area is the special exhibition hall of Zhejiang in this theme exhibition, and 22 representative and innovative projects in Zhejiang Province were wonderfully exhibited.

   The NIPPO is very honored to be selected for the Shuangchuang Week Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievement Exhibition, and has reported the project's various conditions to the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Xu Nanping and the Deputy Governor of Zhejiang Province, Mr. Xingfu Fu, and obtained the affirmation of the leaders. . Laibaobao is a wearable product focusing on active health and intelligent protection of the elderly. Ergonomically designed for comfortable wearing. The built-in sensors and microprocessor record and analyze the real-time motion posture to determine whether the elderly are falling. The waist belt is equipped with an airbag, which can be quickly inflated and ejected when it is about to fall, providing protection for the hips. By buffering the impact of falls and falls to reduce the probability of hip fractures or reduce the damage to the body caused by the impact. The product currently has more than 10 invention patents, and the technology is still the first in China.

Mr. Xu Nanping, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, listened to the product introduction

Deputy Governor of Zhejiang Province, Gao Xifu, watched Laibaobao's demonstration

Mr. Zhou Qiren, Professor of Economics, National Development Research Institute, Peking University





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